dan and sukran Hellmann
Şükran Gencay and Daniel Hülemeyer

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is expanding its sustainability division with the appointment of Şükran Gencay and Daniel Hülemeyer.  

As head of sustainability for social & governance, Ms Gencay will lead the development and global implementation of Hellmann’s social sustainability initiatives. She has held various leadership roles at Hellmann since she joined in 2020 from Kuhne + Nagel.  

In her previous role at Hellmann as global head of leadership & culture, she successfully established and promoted a new corporate culture, a task she will continue to drive in her new position. 

As head of sustainability for the environment, Mr Hülemeyer brings over 12 years of experience in sustainability at Hellmann and has led the global Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) management team, but has been at the company for over 16 years. 

In his new role, Mr Hülemeyer’s primary focus will be carbon footprint reduction, promotion of renewable energies and fostering a culture of environmentally friendly innovations in collaboration with the newly established Hellmann Innovation Hub.  

Hellmann said: “These newly established global positions underscore Hellmann’s strategic focus on sustainability, which is also reflected in the structure of its management board through the nomination of Stefan Borggreve since the beginning of this year.” 

Chief digital officer Stefan Borggreve added: “The new sustainability organisation reflects the importance of the topic for Hellmann’s strategic direction. We want to be a driving force for positive change – even beyond our company boundaries. With Daniel Hülemeyer and Şükran Gencay, we have two outstanding personalities who, together with the global teams, will turn our sustainability vision into reality.” 

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