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This episode, hosted by Mike King, dives deep into the challenges currently rocking the container shipping and logistics industries and driving up shipper costs.

Red Sea diversions, unpredictable demand signals, new tariff regimes, possible union strikes and space shortages are all making the management and forecasting of ocean supply chains increasingly difficult. Port congestion is also building, and container availability is tightening.

The net result is freight rates which are now threatening to reach Covid-era peaks. But, this episode asks, is this an early peak season, or is more chaos in store during Q3?


Peter Sand, chief analyst, Xeneta

Christian Roeloffs, co-founder & co-CEO, Container xChange

Peter Sundara Swamickannu, head of global ocean freight product, Visy Global Logistics


Episode in more detail:

The foundations of chaos (1.20)

Singapore: epicentre of congestion (3.14)

Congestion and delays spread (6.40)

Visibility key for shippers (9.19)

Cargo rollovers (11.43)

Will capacity additions help or hinder? (13.20

Peak or no peak? (17.14)

Container availability in China (20.03)

Box shortages (22.57)

Container orders and possible over-supply (24.51)

Where next for freight rates (26.16)

Current rate movements and challenges (30.48)

Unpacking demand (36.16)

What else is muddying the container shipping outlook? (39.48)


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Credits: Created, edited and produced by Mike King & Associates for The Loadstar

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