In this episode of The Loadstar Podcast, we explore the complex interplay between politics and global supply chains against the backdrop of the UK’s upcoming elections on 4 July.

The conversation spans several critical areas, starting with a freight rate update and moving on to an analysis of how elections in major economies, including the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, India and South Africa, will impact global trade.

The episode also examines what the UK elections could mean for the logistics sector, focusing on ports, planning and investment. Insights into potential changes in trade policies and their implications for UK industry and consumers are shared.

Additionally, the podcast reflects on the effects of Brexit on UK trade and logistics, exploring the challenges that have arisen and identifying opportunities for improvement in the post-Brexit landscape.


Richard Ballantyne, chief executive, British Ports Association

Nichola Mallon, head of trade & devolved policy, Logistics UK

Dionne Redpath, group COO, Europa Worldwide Group

Gavin van Marle, managing editor, The Loadstar


Episode in more detail:

Where next for freight rates (3.21)

Modi’s shipping dilemma (10.05)

Opportunity in Indonesia (16.32)

State capture in South Africa (19.09)

Mexico’s border challenge (22.48)

Tariffs as US election looms (25.59)

ILA threat (28.51)

UK elections: what’s at stake (30.56)

Low hanging logistics fruit (36.56)

What UK ports need (39.31)

Reforming planning regulations (44.13)

Brexit and EU trade (50.45)

An operator’s view (58.40)

The UK’s lost distribution status (1.04.28)


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Credits: Created, hosted and produced by Mike King

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