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In this episode of The Loadstar’s News in Brief Podcast, host and news reporter Charlotte Goldstone recaps last week’s supply chain news, including the UK’s Royal Mail sale, and offers a preview of stories that might appear on The Loadstar this week.

The Loadstar’s managing editor, Gavin van Marle, discusses how ocean freight rates might be levelling out and what the realisation of an early peak season has meant for shipping.

The Loadstar publisher, Alex Lennane, details her exclusive scoop of Atlas Air and Amazon parting company after eight years, and why a sudden crackdown on Chinese imports could cause congestion at US airports, affect customs brokers and result in lots of nervous ecommerce shippers…

So, what are you waiting for? This bite-sized news podcast will catch you up on anything you might have missed last week and put you ahead of the curve on this week’s happenings.

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