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The Australian Financial Review writes:

Richard White was almost 40 when he co-founded WiseTech Global, a business that would make him one of the country’s richest people with an estimated fortune of $11.6 billion.

The Financial Review Rich List is dominated by risk-takers. Entrepreneurs who swallow risk for breakfast, who push against the naysayers and, with a deep-seated belief in themselves and their product or service, grow incredibly successful companies.

Yet, White, who left school with an ambition to be a rock ‘n’ roll star with his band Jade, believes his success has come from carefully avoiding risk, not rushing to take it.

“I’ve spent time making sure, as much as possible, that I’m not taking risks,” White tells The Australian Financial Review’s ‘How I Made It’ podcast.

“I’ve either spent time ensuring there are no risks or I’ve got plans when the risks happen. It’s not something that I go, ‘oh well, I don’t know if it’ll work, but I’ll give it a crack’. I’m not like that at all. I don’t do that at all.

“Everything that I’ve done … and it will do in the future, has been deeply considered.”

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