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This month’s vote on Scotland’s possible independence looms large over the UK. Even if it doesn’t affect other nations directly, it is nevertheless a fascinating example of how a nation may become a fully fledged country – or in the aftermath of a ‘no’ vote, how it reconciles itself again with its sister nation. Here, the UK Chamber of Shipping has published two articles, revealing the industry arguments for either staying in the union, or going it alone. Click here for the ‘yes’ (independence) article, and here for the ‘no’ (union article.

The Loadstar is entirely neutral on the subject of Scottish statehood, but all other factors notwithstanding, the latter article is more persuasive to us – the “yes” argument contains too may assumptions about Scotland’s future membership of the EU and the Motorways of the Sea grants it expects to receive as a result. Many Scots in our field say a similar phrase: the heart says ‘yes’ but the head says ‘no’. And business ought generally to be governed by the head.

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