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As the pandemic continues to cause disruption across the globe, what has become apparent to many is the important role a fast, reliable and efficient air service is. As many organisations gear up to start moving goods to meet growing consumer demand, airfreight will become the new norm over the coming months as inventory is moved quickly across supply chains.  

Preparing for another rise in the demand for air services, Ligentia has taken the bold step to operate a large proportion of their business through 3 Super Hubs in China; Xian, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with those goods moving to the UK landing at their owned Heathrow Super Hub.  

Lee Alderman-Davis, Global Product and Development Director explains;” Where possible we will be pushing bookings through the Super Hubs which will provide a high level of visibility coupled with an effective transfer through customs and onto the planes.” 

Lee further comments; “It is fantastic to see Ligentia’s air freight services go from strength-to-strength. The knock on effect of recent difficulties in meeting the PPE demand globally is that organisations have recognised the importance of establishing a relationship with a supply chain provider who can offer a fast and reliable service. Air freight provision will always be part of supply chain operations, as consumers expect goods to be readily accessible and air offers the fastest response time to avoid lost sales. Operating through super hubs in China and the UK is just the start of our expansion plans, with further developments to our air product to be announced later this year.” 

This year Ligentia has become well known for organising multiple charters filled with PPE out of China. Now the global team are looking to continue to adopt a collaborative approach as sales climb due to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.  

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