Alexander G. Tsavliris (4)

A new shipping industry headhunter, focusing on mid- to senior-level shore-based positions, has been launched by the scion of a Greek shipping family.

Zephyr Maritime was unveiled today by Alexander Tsavliris (pictured), who has a personal background in the recruitment business and comes from a family with four generations of maritime heritage.

“I have yet to come across another business that shares my philosophy and overall affinity to the industry. By working with Zephyr you work with me, and I don’t want to dilute that dynamic. We believe in taking on fewer clients but paying more attention to their needs.”

Zephyr will focus on key appointments for shipping companies across sectors, as well as the wider maritime cluster – including P&I clubs and other insurers, shipbroking houses, classification societies, technical companies, professional bodies, and others.

Mr Tsavliris said the enormous challenges facing shipping were prompting many operators to re-examine cost structures, which in turn provided new opportunities for looking at management structures.

“Although many sectors of shipping are currently enduring difficult market conditions, forcing some companies to retrench, this is not necessarily a bad moment for a new company of Zephyr’s outlook.

“Relationships are often easier to build when there is little or no imminent business. There is added time to really listen to what a company or candidate has to say and to understand their needs. That is a very important ingredient in successful recruiting,” he said.


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