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The ULD, a vital tool in the air cargo process, always faces the problem that its management is labour intensive, time consuming and liable to imputing errors. Getting the correct container to the place and time required, followed by retrieval of the empty container by airlines, always been a human error prone and costly process, often resulting in loss.

Schiphol based, cargo IT solution provider CargoHub has been testing its ULD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM early this year with Menzies, GEODIS, CEVA Logistics and IP Handlers and GSA Euro Cargo Aviation, and is now getting into full operation. The ULD management tool is completely digital, eliminating errors, saving time plus significant costs.

The current method of ULD management anticipates forwarders returning containers within five days which often does not happen and any resulting loss or damage will involve financial consequences. If a ULD number, recorded on a sheet of paper, is handed to the handling agent whose control section checks that the number is the same as the number on the ULD.

If correct, then this number is typed into the handling agents own system, consequently updating the airlines system, but often is subjected to delays which may lead to continuing errors, especially if typing mistakes occur. In addition, a forwarder may use its own system and many multiple messages might then pass between the airline and forwarders’ different systems, in an attempt to locate missing pallets. Finding missing containers costs time and money.


CargoHub’ new app provides a systematic and automatic data input which is automatically registered in the app. The handling agent can accept pallets and no longer needs to research as the systems states to which airline owns the pallet, so the container can be accepted by a warehouse employee using the mobile app, delivering the ULD to the handler is also completed more quickly. In the event of damage, a photograph can be taken using the app that is then immediately available in the system. All parties know what is happening thus saving time operationally the ULD stacked list is produced with a couple of clicks in the app and paper documents are no longer need. The handling agent can see when the ULD will be returned.


Raoul Paul founder of CargoHub states “We have built an single window cargo community platform for airports to enable logistics stakeholders to share data amongst themselves, increasing transparency and predictability on cargo shipments, truck movements and ULDs. It’s a vital element of the landside operation and a crucial asset of the airlines operation management. ULD solution is unique as it links and communicates with all parties involved “.

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