konstantin vekshin

Volga-Dnepr Group has appointed Konstantin Vekshin as its chief executive.

Mr Vekshin was promoted to chief commercial officer for the group in 2020, after four years of leading roles at Cargologic Management and Volga-Dnepr UK.

Volga-Dnepr has seen several changes to its board and senior management since the start of the pandemic, during which it is believed to have turned around its financial situation. The group said Mr Vekshin had led a “significant development of the sales organisation” as CCO, including “expansion of the strategic partnership network, centralisation of charter cargo operations, synergy of the sales teams to implement the cargo supermarket concept, as well as a new chapter in the ILS (integrated logistics service) platform’s development”.

In his new role, he will focus on the “unified operational management of the companies within the group” and maintaining operational efficiency. However, one of the key risks for the group this year is geopolitical.

The US has indicated that if Russia invaded Ukraine, which it deems “very likely”, it will consider some sanctions, which could include a ban on the import of aircraft parts. Group airline AirBridgeCargo operates 16 Boeing aircraft, Atran has eight, Cargologicair has two and Cargologic Germany has four.

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