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© Olivier Le Moal

Getting hard numbers about the take-up of digital services in container shipping – whether it is booking freight through neutral online platforms, or utilising digital-first freight forwarders – has hitherto been pretty difficult, which has left the debate of shipping’s digitisation often feeling obscured. However, here’s Lars Jensen to the rescue, with a LinkedIn post that fills in some of the blanks and clearly indicates that the adoption of digital processes is increasingly widespread: “Whilst there is no claim that this view at digital traction is comprehensive across all players in the field – it is clearly not – it does show that some of the players are not to be seen as small-time digital experiments anymore. Instead they exemplify that the digital change in the industry now has very strong traction, and it is no longer a question of whether we will see such digitisation, but only how quickly it will become the norm amongst all players.”


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  • Darren

    October 08, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    Currently working in a new port that has made the bold move to be fully digital, we still have paper even though it is a very small amount.
    Booking in and out is all done online as well as most payments, screening and verdict control is digital across the board and works 95% as there are always anomalies in new systems.