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By exploiting developments in the supply chain, companies can take advantage of outsourcing, lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory and make massive cost savings, right? Well, not always, according to this relatively short opinion piece in (and it’s always good to know what the chief bean counter is thinking). While there are certainly savings to be made, it argues, many organisations overlook the significant upfront costs, as well as the considerable time that needs to be invested in setting up supply chains that stretch across the world. Some very useful stats are also included.

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  • Michael Kusuplos

    January 15, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    To create a value stream, one must always look at the impact on each of the four business flows:

    1. Information Flow – The IT
    2. Physical Flow – The Logistics
    3. Cash Flow – The Financials
    4. Work Flow – The Operations