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PRESS RELEASE All conditions and requirements have been met and the agreement has been approved by the relevant competition authorities.

DSV Panalpina takes over Prime Cargo’s activities in Denmark, Poland and China from Mitsui-Soko Group, an international forwarding company based in Japan. Prime Cargo is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, but operates internationally and also has freight, warehousing and logistics activities in both Poland and China.

“DSV Panalpina and Prime Cargo share the same values and way of doing business, providing high quality personal service at competitive prices, and together we will be able to achieve more,”saysHenrik Nielsen, Executive Vice President, DSV Air & Sea, Northern Europe.

A stronger solution

The combination of Prime Cargo’s strong competencies in the field of e-commerce and fashion retail with DSV Panalpina’s global network and expertise offers new opportunities.

“Prime Cargo’s customers will benefit from DSV’s global network and services, and existing DSV customers will get access to even stronger capabilities within e-commerce and fashion retail,” explains Marcel Blomjous, Managing Director, DSV Solutions, Denmark.

Moving forward

“We are proud to become part of DSV Panalpina and as we move forward with the integration, it is our firm intention to ensure that all customers will continue to experience an uninterrupted, high level of service,” says Morten Høilund, Managing Director of Prime Cargo.

Daily operations will be business as usual but with the integration of Prime Cargo and DSV Panalpina all customers will get access to DSV’s global transport and logistics network and the potential it brings.

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