TIACA has established a Shippers’ Advisory Council in a bid to ensure that shippers are properly represented in the air freight chain.

The council, with as yet unamed members, will be chaired by Lars Droog, head of EMEA Supply Chain for Tosoh Corp.

TIACA works closely with the Global Shippers‘ Forum – and it is not clear why a shippers council is needed as well, or what the new council will offer that could not be done under the auspices of the GSF.

TIACA chairman Sanjiv Edward explained: “Shipper feedback is paramount in any effort to improve the air freight supply chain.

“TIACA has set-up this to act as a bridge, understanding the shipper requirements one end and taking them back to the players in the air freight supply chain, creating effective and quality solutions.”

Mr Droog, who is also vice chairman of EVO’s Airfreight and Express Council, a committee of the Dutch Shippers’ Council, said: “The voice of the shipper is all too often missing from the global conversation on freight, and I am excited to be establishing a platform for communication within TIACA, which represents all sectors of the air cargo chain.

“I am looking forward to bringing the vision and ideas of the shipping community to the discussion table so that we can work together to improve our industry.”

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