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Target, the US retailer infamous for its disastrous Canadian expansion which saw supply chain disruption lead to empty shelves, has outlined its latest plan: it is to invest $1bn in technology and its supply chain. It is also going to cut thousands of jobs, mostly in headquarters. It plans to focus on its mobile retailing, but with a “channel-agnostic” approach – ie, appealing to all sales channels. There will surely be a rush of supply chain providers happy to help spend that $1bn…

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  • Suren

    March 05, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    where is this all going to head? Supply chain has to grow and be optimised for developing business. However, the general trend of cutting jobs will backfire one day. The human factor cannot be completely ruled out, Nor should it be made a “disposable” option.

    There are, surely, better solutions Why should the human factor be at the receiving end always?

    Will all this end in self-loading-containers, self-routing-consignments?

    Is the human factor such a “worthless” one?