You’ve got to feel sorry for the handlers; it’s been a tough few months. And it looks like it’s not getting better any time soon. Swissport USA, according to Freightwaves, laid off thousands of workers, despite taking federal money from the payroll support programme. And it’s not gone unnoticed by authorities. Swissport denies any wrongdoing and says it is in full compliance with the conditions, and all money received will be spent on wages. But lawmakers don’t seem to agree.

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  • Rayhan ahmed

    August 03, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    I have made many comments in aviation e newsletters that heathrow should pull the plug
    On the ground handling licence of swissport .
    I have worked for swissport GH from 2002 to
    2004 and I was placed redundant by the most
    Cruel means by the company . We were hit by
    Redundancy out of the blue .. I had a heavy
    Mortgage to pay .. bills to pay .. and a family to look after with our first children who was 9 yrs
    Old at that time .
    I was on annual leave because of Ramadan and I found out after 2 weeks when I rang up the
    Ramp operations team to find out what roster
    I was on in the morning .. but I was told that
    Company had shut down and receivers had
    Moved in .
    Now since then 2004 they have done 2 copy cat
    Redundancy’s at Heathrow 2018 in terminal 4
    And again 2020 .
    Why does heathrow allow this time and time again 3 times this all happened the company
    Comes into operations and then few 1 or 2 years
    Down the line it makes redundancy’s why are they giving false hopes to people .
    This company was originally aerlingus GH and I joined then only 1or 2 yrs after the take over
    By this Zurich based ground handler .
    They are operating at full capacity at Zurich
    Airport being the main ground handlers for
    Each and every airlines why are they not
    Making redundancy there or closing shop .
    Look let’s cut the story short wake up EASA and
    Pull these peoples ground handling licence so they stop making there petty cash and making
    Redundancy… if someone else had wrttien this
    Paragraph… I would say bravo bravo !!!!!!!!!!!