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Frustrated by the driver shortage problem? Facing high costs, or road congestion? Well, help is nearly here. By 2030, trucking logistics costs will have fallen by 47% and delivery lead time will be 50% less.

This is according to PwC’s 2018 Global Truck Study, which shows that digitisation and automation will have significant effects on the challenging market. Some 80% of savings will be related to a reduction in staff in transport and logistics. And, of course, in efficiencies gained by autonomous lorries. Trucks currently travel for only 29% of available time, owing to the need to drivers to have a break, and for idling time. But from 2030, lorries should be able to travel for 78% of the time, with algorithms reducing idling time and no drivers needed.

“A consistently digitised supply chain saves administrative overheads, replaces time-consuming inventory, and reduces insurance costs by cutting error rates. In total, savings of up to 41% are possible by 2030 compared to today’s supply chains,” noted the report. SupplyChain 24/7 reports.

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