DHL GF’s topic of the Month: The VLSFO (Very low Sulphur Fuel Oil) premium over HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)

29 August 2019

“Initial price information for IMO 2020 compliant 0.5% VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) bunker is now available for several main ports. The data provides an early indication of the price premium that carriers will need to pay for cleaner fuel as of next year. According to data compiled by Alphaliner for bunkering at Singapore and Rotterdam, the initial price premium for VLSFO ranged between $100 to $150 per ton in July, compared to IFO380 HFO. This spread then increased to more than $200 per ton in August, since recent price declines for ‘standard bunker’ were not immediately mirrored by falling VLSFO prices.”

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