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The UK government’s solution to the driver shortage crisis – last week it relaxed driving hours rules by one hour per day – was widely criticised by the road transport and logistics sector. And rightly so, as it’s moronic – it will make no dent on the estimated 100,000 unfilled vacancies but is almost certain to make roads considerably more dangerous. Which is why this story in today’s CityAM is so intriguing. It reports that the Department of Transport is now talking to industry heads about the viability of a temporary visa scheme for European drivers forced out of UK jobs by Brexit. But to make headway, DfT officials will need to convince their counterparts in the Home Office: “Everyone involved is sworn to secrecy as the Home Office is taking a very hard line,” one source with knowledge of the matter told the newspaper.

“The Home Office has the final decision on this and the DfT knows it has a very tough sell, so need the very best evidence.”

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