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It’s official – transport is one of the European Commission directorates that no one of any importance wants. A dead end with lots of thorny problems. The previously touted Slovakian candidate (yep, the one from a landlocked country who was set to be given a portfolio with a huge maritime component) has been promoted before he started to Energy, leaving the way open for a someone whose sum knowledge of transport, as far as The Loadstar can tell, is absolutely nothing. Violeta Bulc (looking not entirely unlike Kathy Bates in Misery in this picture) is a 50-year-old Slovenian “telecoms entrepreneur” whose sum knowledge of politics, as far as The Loadstar can tell, is a one-month stint as “minister without portfolio in charge of development, strategic projects and cohesion” (which either means she has a portfolio or she’s not in charge of it – but let’s not quibble over something as irrelevant as semantics).Within the article is a link to the mission letter written to her by new EC chief Jan-Claude Juncker. She still has to pass an interview with MEPs before her appointment is confirmed, and although The Loadstar does not normally take positions on such matters, will someone please see sense?!

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