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In Part One, we examine what one express executive calls the ‘modest’ 2022 peak season. We look at companies such as Shopify and TikTok, which are investing heavily in their supply chains. We discuss integrator price hikes, US logistics challenges and the looming threat of labour strikes. And finally, we ask what Covid protests and lockdowns in China mean for global logistics, and whether a post-Covid ‘normalisation’ of supply chains will see a welcome return to more emphasis on human rights and procurement diversification.

Part Two is a deep dive, with Xeneta’s Peter Sand, into ocean shipping markets and how to manage contract renegotiations with carriers.


Greg Hewitt, CEO, DHL Express US

Emma Cosgrove, senior reporter covering logistics at Insider

Brian Bourke, global chief commercial officer, Seko Logistics

Peter Sand, chief analyst, Xeneta


Episode in more detail:

Part One

The supply chain in mainstream media and stock markets (2.25)

New market entrants – Shopify to TikTok (6.20)

DHL Express exclusive (11.39)

2022: the modest peak season (15.19)

Pricing: DHL vs FedEx vs UPS (22.13)

DHL invests (24.50)

Labour costs and last-mile bankruptcies (27.19)

Protests in China (31.03)

Forwarding in Q4 – Seko Logistics (35.20)

The threat of labour strikes (38.54)

Risk and opportunity in 2023 (40.40)

Human rights and a more diversified supply chain (46.05)


Part Two

Ocean shipping rates focus (49.20)

Blanks ahead (51.40)

Renegotiating long-term (53.45)

Forwarder plight (58.10)

Declining demand (1.00.50)

Surging deliveries (1.04.28)

Shipper advice (1.07.50)


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