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In this episode, host Mike King talks to industry heavy-hitters about all things Europe.

The European economy is struggling with low economic and trade growth prospects. High inventories and soaring inflation are dampening freight demand. Strikes by unions are plaguing supply chain planning. And Asia-Europe ocean and air freight rates have collapsed, at least compared with a year earlier. And on top of that, war in Ukraine continues to take a sickening economic and human toll on the continent, and the wider world.

However, for those in the business of supply chain, there is hope of a recovery later this year. And things really aren’t as bad as they might have been. Rates could have fallen further, for example. The growth outlook could be worse. Most of the pandemic era supply chain bottlenecks have now evaporated. And demand for intra-Europe rail cargo is holding up rather well.



Mads Drejer, global chief commercial officer and chief operating officer, Scan Global Logistics

Hans Nagtegaal, director of containers, Port of Rotterdam Authority

Conor Feighan, secretary-general, European Rail Freight Association (ERFA)


Episode in more detail:

European economy and freight 2023 (1.42)

Scan Global’s optimism (4.51)

Ocean rates (7.23)

Air cargo outlook (12.47)

Big disruptor in ’23? Strikes (15.40)

Ports now versus 2022 (20.13)

Rotterdam volume decline (25.37)

Ukraine and northern Europe trade (29.57)

New terminal investments (34.02)

How sanctions have hit Asia-Europe rail (39.11)

Western operators pull out (41.35)

Making European rail more competitive ( 45.11)


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Credits: created, produced and hosted by Mike King

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