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MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company announced today it has entered into a settlement agreement with the subrogated insurers of Amplify Energy Corp related to the 2021 Orange County oil spill incident.

The settlement amount will be jointly funded by MSC and Costamare without admission of responsibility or liability for the environmental damage that took place due to Amplify’s negligent management of their underwater pipeline.

MSC maintains that Amplify is solely responsible for events that led up to the oil spill and that their actions further worsened the pollution substantially.

MSC agreed to this settlement to move forward productively, and we hope this regrettable incident will encourage Amplify to recognize its responsibility as a marine operator in the waters of California.

Amplify pleaded guilty to criminal negligence for their role in the oil spill. Amplify failed to act as a responsible marine operator by not taking reasonable preventative steps to better protect its pipeline and detect deficiencies within its pipeline despite becoming aware of them for months prior to the spill. For these reasons a preventable pollution event occurred which negatively impacted San Pedro Bay.

As the largest container shipping company in the world serving the United States for more than forty years, MSC recognises the company’s important role as a steward of America’s coastal waters.

MSC will continue to work to foster the growth of international trade for the United States for many years to come and is proud of our work to date.

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