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Menzies Aviation is to put a new focus on its cargo operations in the UK.

As it announced a new contract with Sri Lankan Airlines for ground handling and cargo services, Richard McLean, new vice president cargo for the handler, said he had ambitious plans for the company.

Mr McLean joined Menzies Aviation earlier this year, following a two-year stint in Doha as head of the cargo terminal at Qatar Aviation Services. Previous to that he was director of Stansted Cargo, the Uniserve-owned handler.

He said he wanted to build on “longstanding relationships” and create new ones, while the company’s UK operations and services are to be “re-engineered to provide a total solution to customers”.

“Menzies Cargo has been quietly going about its business in the UK for the past few years with little fanfare or fuss. Its services have always been robust and it has always strived for excellence. What it needed was a fresh injection of enthusiasm and focus to bring it bang up-to-date and to re-energise the teams, enabling it to differentiate its services from its competitors.

“Menzies has long been regarded as one of the largest and most respected ground handling companies in the world, but its focus on cargo in the UK has been missing for the last few years. My appointment addresses this and we will see cargo once again at the very top of the company’s strategic plan.

“I’m very much looking forward to driving the business forward and settling back in the UK after two years in Qatar.”

Menzies’ contract with Sri Lankan Airlines starts next month.



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