Liz Truss

The main thrust of this article from Business Insider will come as little surprise to many of those keeping a close watch on Brexit developments, implying that the UK government is wholly unprepared for the chaos it may unleash on the country. What is interesting is the source of the criticism is from within Johnson’s own government. Trade secretary Liz Truss (pictured above) foresees four potential major issues, one of which could bind any post-Brexit progress in international courts. “Truss also said she was worried that the legality of the UK’s plan for a phased approach to checks on goods coming from the EU from January to July could be challenged at the WTO. She said the UK would “be vulnerable to WTO challenge” because of its border policy. This is because the UK plans to temporarily give the EU preferential treatment, which could be a breach of WTO rules if there is no UK-EU free-trade agreement in place.”

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