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Defence of US cabotage regulations, known as the Jones Act, from US maritime administrator Paul Jaenichen – in a nutshell, significant parts of the US maritime industry, such as its shipbuilding sector, would not have  survived had they not been wrapped in cotton wool for the best part of a century, protected from cheaper, foreign competition. For what it’s worth, The Loadstar remains unconvinced by his arguments on two counts: firstly, the increased cost of US domestic shipping ultimately gets passed onto the consumer, which implies that rather than “preserving” America’s economic prosperity it simply transfers it from one section of society to another; and secondly, it just seems so hypocritical to see the US regularly demanding other countries to open up their commercial sectors to the ownership of its corporations, while denying others a similar opportunity.

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  • Michael Kusuplos

    October 10, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Thank you very much for your comment. Only wish that someone the government of the United States would take the time to understand the negative economic impact that theJones Act brings to this country. Can only wonder what would happen to transport costs in the USA if the same conditions were imposed on the Air, Rail and Motor of Transport in the USA?