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Union Pacific (UP) has announced that Jon Panzer is taking over as senior vice president for technology and strategic planning.

Mr Panzer is a company veteran with more than two decades at the US railroad, having served most recently as both vice president and treasurer.

He will be replacing Lynden Tennison, who announced at the end of January that he would be retiring on 31 March.

Gary Grosz will replace Mr Panzer as vice president and treasurer, again bringing plenty of UP experience to the role, having joined 37 years ago.

Mr Grosz has spent his entire career in the finance department, and he will share his new duties with those in his existing role as assistant vice president for corporate finance.

His new role will see him report to Jennifer Hamann, who herself is taking on a new position within the company as senior vice president for finance.

Currently vice president for planning and analysis, Ms Hamann will retain these duties, adding responsibilities for investor relations and treasury functions.

Like both Mr Grosz and Mr Panzer, Ms Hamann is a UP veteran, with close to three decades at the US railroad in leadership roles across a number of departments including investor relations, marketing and sales.

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  • Don Starr

    April 28, 2021 at 12:32 am

    Lots of Missouri Pacific blood still there at UP.