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The air cargo results keep pouring in – and if you are an airline, they are good. IATA today released its six-month figures showing it was the best first half-year since 2010.

Global freight tonne km (FTKs) rose 10.4%, year-on-year, with carriers from Asia Pacific and Europe accounting for some 65% of the increase. June FTKs slowed slightly from May, to 11% down from 12.7%, but remained higher than the five-year average pace of 3.9%.

IATA warned that “the best of the cyclical upturn in air freight may now have passed” – but adds that it expects robust year-on-year growth in FTKs for the whole year. And its current forecast of 7.5% could even be pessimistic, it noted. You can see all the figures, global and regional, here.


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