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The Loadstar recently spent the best part of week visiting some of the new freight tech start-ups in Silicon Valley. A recurring topic of conversation was Google’s enormous lawsuit against Uber, alleging that the taxi app had, basically, stolen Google’s self-driving-vehicle research. The evidence against Uber, the driverless truck firm Otto and its founder (and former Google employee) Anthony Levandowski looks particularly damning. “The thing about Google is that it is not a litigious company,” one source told The Loadstar, “which means if they go to court they’ve normally been wronged.” This long read from Bloomberg absolutely nails the story, alleging: “Levandowski used his company laptop to download 14,000 design files from Google’s car project. He plugged a memory card reader into the laptop and, shortly afterward, wiped all the data from the laptop. The suit also alleges that two other Otto employees took files on their way out the door.”

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