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The Momentum conference brings together roughly 1,000 attendees who use the industry-leading warehouse, TMS and other capabilities of Wall Street darling Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH). (The company’s stock rose from about $110 at the end of October 2023 to a high of $266.94 in early March before falling back to $225 recently.) 

But among the discussions of new product offerings at this year’s conference, it was a presentation by an outside executive that filled the main ballroom to near-capacity Wednesday: Warren Barkley, the head of product-Vertex AI, GenAI and machine learning at Google Cloud (NASDAQ: GOOG).

It’s not a new idea that generative AI could have major implications for supply chains. But Barkley painted a picture of how rapidly it is already making its mark. The capabilities of GenAI are rising at exponential levels, he said, and real-life implications for supply chain management are imminent or already in place…

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