Hans Gunther Fiata

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) has appointed Hans Gunther Kersten, pictured, as its deputy director general.

Joining from the International Union of Railways (UIC), Mr Kersten will only be deputy temporarily, due to succeed retiring director general and chief executive Marco Sorgetti in September.

Mr Kersten began life as a lawyer before entering the logistics sector in 1999 as a senior legal advisor for Deutsche Bahn.

During a 13-year stay with the company he moved on to hold various roles, leaving it in 2012 as head of external relations for rail technology and senior manager of technology.

He was then seconded to the UIC in 2012, where, in his position as director of the freight department he had the opportunity to work together with FIATA.

Mr Sorgetti welcomed Mr Kersten’s arrival, and said he looked forward to working alongside him.


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