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E-air waybill penetration rose a disappointing 0.9% in October, taking the industry to 35.1% – still some way off IATA’s 45% target by the end of the year – or two months’ worth of data. As we all know, 5% average industry growth can be hard to achieve in any field these days.

But IATA is promoting the e-AWB 360 campaign, now launched at nine airports, with 17 airlines participating. The carriers are switching  to e-AWBs at selected airports, using the Single Process approach. The winner this month was American Airlines, which has doubled its usage of eAWBs in four months, and now has nearly one in three shipments on eAWBs (in markets which can). Meanwhile Delta reached 65.5% penetration last month. Of the forwarders, Yusen is now at 50%, having seen a 19.5% rise in the month, while UTi increased 11% to reach 21.6%. Little by little…

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