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BIFA has published a new edition of its Standard Trading Conditions (STC), replacing its 2017 issue.

The new edition reflects the changes made by the UK’s exit from the EU, as well as changes to direct/indirect representation with HMRC.

Robert Keen, director general of BIFA, said: “Over time, in the same ways laws must change, so do contractual rights and obligations that flow from these changes, and therefore it is essential to review any set of industry terms against changes in legislation and industry practice.

“The impact of the UK’s exit from the EU on the role of direct or indirect representation has been much discussed and has been a complex issue throughout the transition period. The term ‘customs representative’ is now replaced by ‘the customs agent’, although the concept remains largely the same.

“The importance of members ensuring the effective incorporation of the BIFA STC into their contracts with their customers cannot be stressed enough.

“This is something we address constantly with members. BIFA will be urging its members to check that they do everything they can to ensure their company has adopted the necessary steps outlined in BIFA’s guide to representation with HMRC, which has been updated and can be found [here].”

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