Moritz Claussen - Founder Co-CEO

Battling through thousands of emails to find a reliable air cargo import partner has been simplified by an agent-to-agent platform, with a guarantee of payment by protection insurance.

Connecting forwarders to handle import booking was a real problem, according to founder and co-CEO Moritz Claussen (pictured above) – a realisation that led to the development of pro, with the safety net of Protect.

“We are creating freight forwarder partner networks,” explained Mr Claussen. The system registers verified freight forwarders and, instead of endless emailing, the user can compare and book live rates offered by potential partner forwarders in more than 120 countries.

Once the import agent finds the right deal, the air waybill is immediately available, and the company claims to have dozens of cargo airlines with “a fast-growing” forwarder user base.’s platform developer, Edward Handscombe, told The Loadstar: “If you work on an export desk you can receive 50 to 100 emails a day from import agents wanting rates, some often already delayed due to time zone differences. That’s a waste of time.”

The platform has been two years in development and was officially launched yesterday. Engineering and production staff were brought in last year, following the company being forced to make around 10% of its staff redundant as a consequence of the softening economic climate.

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