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Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time blog,

The ramifications of online shopping during this holiday season while covid-19 rages across the land will be staggering. The fourth quarter is the time of year when retailers normally make the bulk of their annual profits thanks to holiday shopping. The National Retail Federation reported online shopping soared 44% over the five days, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This indicates a huge drop in foot traffic in brick-in-mortar-stores at a time when retailers are headed into the holidays loaded to the gills with inventory. This season is seen as a do or die situation for many of these stores which will not make it anyway because the deck is stacked against them.

This year due to the pandemic much of the world is in a semi-shutdown. This has caused online shopping to surge to the point where UPS was forced to impose shipping restrictions on major retailers. On Cyber Monday with delivery networks stretched thin, delivery drivers were instructed not to pick up any packages from six major retailers, including L.L. Bean Inc., Hot Topic Inc., New Egg Inc., and Macy’s. A memo confirmed by WSJ sources as authentic. stated: “No exceptions.” The limits imposed by UPS highlights how the influx in packages has put its shipping network under stress and its commitment to putting its regular customer base first.

Circling back to the retailers. Many small stores and businesses do not have much if any online presence, and if they do search engines intentionally bury them far under Amazon and the other big-boys. Another thing that will be missing this year is profits. They are facing a cut-throat environment where sales and getting out the product has become as important as the price products sell for. The fear is that when all is said and done much of the inventory leftover will have to be discounted or sold at a loss. This is especially true of seasonal items. This means throughout the remainder of the holiday season expect to see promotions based on curbside pickup to gain even more momentum as shoppers seek to avoid crowds and potential shipping delays.

Small business is the backbone of America…

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