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Logistics companies are increasingly building artificial intelligence technology into their operations, but many say they’re taking it slow when it comes to incorporating the kind of chatbots that are becoming a growing part of the consumer scene. 

Executives say they’re intrigued by the potential cost savings and efficiency of the ChatGPT-like tools known as generative AI. First, however, they have to make sure the digital approach won’t frustrate their customers who are shipping millions of dollars worth of goods around the world.

Freight brokerage RXO, trucking firm XPO, logistics technology provider Phlo Systems and shipping company DFDS are among the businesses looking at how generative AI could transform their customer service divisions by automating tasks such as tracking shipments, booking loads and declaring imports.

Companies have been searching for ways to use generative AI in their operations since software developer OpenAI launched its ChatGPT bot in November. That program and others like it can sort through huge amounts of information, recognize patterns, make predictions and respond to questions in a humanlike voice, enabling it to complete tasks that previously took hours in a few minutes…

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