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Shortly before his defeat by Joe Biden was called, with the nation deeply divided, Donald Trump began his Saturday by tweeting inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud. Then he went to play golf.

Trump’s dedication to playing golf while in office has been a source of continuing controversy – particularly because he memorably and repeatedly lambasted his predecessor, Barack Obama, over how often he played the game.

Trump has defended his dedication, tweeting this summer: “My ‘exercise’ is playing, almost never during the week, a quick round of golf. Obama played more and much longer rounds, no problem.”

Media organisations have factchecked Trump’s claims, pointing out, though counts vary, that he has played many more times than Obama did at any similar point while in office.

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Some more “colour”: “In 30 states, a computer system known to be defective is tallying votes“.

(The comment thread here is quite entertaining.)

Here’s the latest (@ 22.09 GMT, 7 Nov.):

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