Sebastiaan Scholte has decided to quit as chief executive of Jan De Rijk Logistics, after nine years.

Mr Scholte will find himself with a lot more time on his hands, as his chairmanship of Tiaca – due to finish in November – must also end, as he will no longer be employed by a trustee.

Mr Scholte’s new life starts on July 1, when Tiaca vice chairman Steven Polmans takes over the top job.

Meanwhile, Jan de Rijk Logistics said it had begun the search for a new chief executive.

Mr Scholte said that “the time was right to leave”, and that he would take his time finding a new role, likely in logistics or air cargo, but possibly not in road freight.

There was talk late last year of possible M&A interest in Jan de Rijk, but sources suggested the operator didn’t have quite the depth, and was too narrowly focused, to be of much interest to another company, potentially limiting the RFS specialist’s growth options – and possibly those of its chief executive too.

Owners Jan and Jacqueline de Rijk and Willem Heeren, president, said: “We appreciate Sebastiaan’s contributions in helping to grow the company in a profitable way during his nine-year tenure.”

Mr Scholte added: “It has been a great place to work and the decision to leave was not an easy one. I do truly believe, however, that Jan de Rijk’s best days are still ahead and that the company will go from strength to strength with the strategy we have developed and the exceptional talent we have in place.

“I am excited to pursue new opportunities and I remain fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition.”

Mr Polmans said: “We very much regret that Sebastiaan is leaving, but of course respect his decision. Together, we came up with a clear strategy and four-year action plan for the association and I am proud to be able to take over a healthier and stronger Tiaca.

“I am determined to continue working with the board, the chairman’s council and our members to deliver the action plan.”

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