Waiting for the full 2020 annual report, Germany’s Röhlig Logistics released a short trading update in which on Wednesday it said that:

– Last year it doubled ebit from €5.2m to €11.8m;

– It maintained gross profit (GP) around the previous year’s levels while growing GP in contract logistics;

– GP stood at €140m.

It added that Germany was a chief contributor mainly through air freight charters.

The Asian business also developed positively, as China and Taiwan recovered quickly. In LATAM, improvement was noticeable, as it highlighted “growth in contract logistics, and challenging times in sea and air freight”.

In sea freight, GP fell by around 2%, but GP growth resumed in Q4 ’20. In the most bullish market ever for air freight, GP was flattish in air (up 1%), while contract logistics outperformed in that respect (+7.5%).

Outlook: “In the current 2021 financial year, we will be able to adapt even better to the pandemic; the behaviour in lockdown has been learned and the effects are largely known. We want to build on the good results from last year and are resuming our Blue Star strategy programme, which was interrupted due to the pandemic, to drive our growth and further push the development of new products and digital services for our customers,” its MD Philip W. Herwig said.

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