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Geodis has appointed an engineering specialist to oversee the automation of the company’s service offerings.

Antoine Pretin is the new vice president of the engineering group and has most recently been head of distribution for Actemium Lyon Logistics,  which specialises in intralogistics technology. He has also been a project manager for Cermex, which supplies engineering and equipment to automate end of line packaging.

Philippe de Carné, Geodis EVP business development, innovation & business excellence, said: “Faced with the acceleration of e-commerce and new consumer demands, the automation of logistics warehouses is an essential response.

“With his experience, Antoine will contribute to an open and constructive dialogue between the Geodis teams and the various players in the field of automation, to serve the needs of our customers around the world.”

 Mr Pretin added: “The arrival of increasingly autonomous intelligent robots and a constant search for competitiveness are paving the way for increased automation. Such solutions provide great leverage to improve performance and assist in order preparation in e-commerce warehouses, reducing repetitive tasks, but also gaining quality and reactivity.

“I am delighted to have joined Geodis, a world leader in supply chain management, to support this development. The mobilisation of the skills within the group and the team I am building will be a great support for our customers.”

Geodis has some 50 automated sites worldwide.

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