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Hauliers entering the UK with migrants are at risk of being fined even if they report stowaways to the police as soon as they find them. A slightly absurd rule ensures that they have no incentive to notify Customs if they become aware of stowaways. One driver was fined £19,500 after he discovered about 12 people in his trailer even though he took them straight to the police. The UK government, reflecting its new nationalistic and jingoistic stance, along with a lack of understanding of international logistics, defended the fines by saying that only 7% of those hauliers were British. While it argued that it was fining hauliers for not carrying out proper checks, the FTA pointed out that carrying out checks at night in Calais, where groups of people were trying to climb onboard, was very difficult for drivers. “We advise drivers not to risk their safety if they hear people in the back of the lorry when they’ve crossed to the UK but to go immediately to the border police at Dover”. Where – unfortunately – they will be penalised.

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