The new terminal in Manta

Quiport, the operator of Quito airport, has built an emergency terminal in the City of Manta, whose airport was damaged by a severe earthquake earlier this month.

Together with the Civil Aviation Directorate and Avianca, flights have now resumed to Manta, which lost all connectivity after the earthquake – a time when it was sorely needed. But commercial flights carrying aid and rescue workers have now started.

“We identified that our contribution would be the rehabilitation of Manta’s Eloy Alfaro Airport, so that it could handle regular commercial flights as soon as possible and resume that city’s connection with the rest of the country. We felt, as airport professionals, that this was our duty,” Andrew O’Brian, CEO of Corporación Quiport explained.


The Quiport team

Technicians built the emergency terminal in a single weekend, offering basic airport infrastructure, according to Quiport. It started operating on Monday and will be used until longer-term solutions can be found to recover the infrastructure affected by the earthquake – one of the most devastating in Ecuador’s recent history.



You can donate to Ecuador’s Cruz Roja here through the Red Cross/Crescent network. One air cargo company in the region is seeking industry support for relief flights. If you are interested in helping, please contact The Loadstar and we will put you in touch.

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