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The Loadstar was launched in 2012 as a multimodal news resource for the logistics industryIts award-winning journalism has become known at the highest levels of logistics and supply chain management as one of the best sources of influential analysis and commentary. 

“The Loadstar stands out amongst transportation and logistics publications with a truly global focus on events within the trade.  Very few publications are able to deliver The Loadstar’s in-depth analysis of economic events and their impact on the world’s supply chains.  Logistics industry professionals who are looking for a truly global view of the market really must read The Loadstar.”

Fauad Shariff, CEO, The CoLoadX Corporation

Our focus is on independent, high-quality journalism for the benefit of our readers’ knowledge and understanding. We strive for authenticity and significance by a daily attempt to be first to the story, making the market think and challenging the industry to do betterRecent accolades for our journalism include “International Editor of the Year” and Air Cargo Journalist of the Year” at the 2018 Seahorse Awards. 

The Loadstar’s readership has grown by over a million users in the last five years. Its global importance to people who move cargo is reflected in a customer base that is truly international with 38% of users based in North America, 26% in Asia and 26% in Europe.

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