Who we are

The Loadstar is the world’s most popular news source for shippers, logistics service providers and their carrier suppliers who manage containerised sea freight and air cargo supply chains.

With over 52,000 registered readers our global importance to the people who move cargo is reflected in a readership that is truly international with a third of our readers based in North America, a third in Asia-Pac, and a third in Europe.

The Loadstar’s focus is on independent, high-quality journalism and commentary for the benefit of our readers’ and listeners’ knowledge and understanding. We strive for authenticity and significance by a daily attempt to be first to the story, making the market think, and challenging the global freight industry to do better.

2018 saw the launch of Loadstar Premium, our paid subscription service providing essential financial news and analysis for executive teams, shareholders and investors of the major 3PLs and carriers, as well as investors and advisors to the global transportation industry. Currently, 1,200 clients subscribe to Premium.

In December 2023, The Loadstar Media Ltd and digital optimisation agency, Hedging Beta Ltd, merged their operations into a jointly owned holding company, Loadstar Hedge HoldCo Ltd (LHH). The merger allows LHH to act as an open-ended talent platform to profitably grow its members’ media and tech propositions. Joining start-ups would have access to more resources and investment, while older independent businesses can tap into LHH members’ resources to enhance products, processes, human capital, and boost sales – all while retaining control of their businesses and shareholdings.

Management team 

Nick Marsh, Managing Director

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Alex Lennane, Publisher

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Gavin van Marle, Managing Editor

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Alessandro Pasetti, Head of Loadstar Premium

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Arabella Tancred, Operations Director

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