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Outspoken Delta CEO Richard Anderson is off in May, no doubt heading into a prosperous retirement. He will be replaced by president Ed Bastian, while EVP Glen Hauenstein takes over as president. Gil West becomes SEVP and chief operating officer, while Steve Sear becomes president international and EVP global sales.

There are a lot of male names there. Which led us to look up a couple of things. A 2012 survey by McKinsey analysed financial performance of major companies with two or more women on the corporate board and found they were 41% ahead of the sector’s average, in terms of return on equity, and 56% ahead in terms of EBIT. Delta, it turns out, is not one of the worst male-oriented offenders. However, out of 17 board members, two are women. And of the 10 corporate management members, three are women. The report card should read ‘could do better’.

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