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CNBC reports:

The world is in debt. To the tune of $315 trillion and counting.

$315 trillion is a staggering number to visualize but consider this. In 2024, global gross domestic product — or GDP — amounted to $109.5 trillion dollars — slightly over a third of that global debt number.

Another way to picture it? There are about 8.1 billion of us living in the world today. If we were to divide that debt up by person, each of us would owe about $39,000. 

So, with global debt at a record high, should you be concerned? And how did we get here in the first place? 

Global debt combines borrowings from households, businesses and governments.

You’re probably most familiar with household debt, which includes things like mortgages, credit card and student debt. At the beginning of 2024, this amounted to $59.1 trillion…

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