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Shippers and forwarders needing the latest airline information regarding flights to China can now use’s operating status web page.

And airlines and forwarders are being urged to help keep the page updated as the coronavirus continues to spread.

A spokesperson for the booking platform said: “As the capacity constraints on routes to China, unfortunately, are changing on a daily basis and flight schedules likely to be affected up until March, we want to do our best to keep everyone up to date.

“To support our partners, customers and other industry players as good as we can, we launched an operating status page yesterday that informs everyone about the current status of airlines. Any airline can let us know its current status, to give customers convenient and transparent access to information. Also, our freight forwarders are supplying us with information regularly.”

The site currently has up-to-date information on 17 major airlines. Freighter operators are continuing to fly, while many passenger flights have been suspended or reduced.

Lufthansa, which yesterday announced, alongside BA and Air Canada, that it was suspending passenger flights to China until 9 February, has published an updated list of its flights.  Noting that its bellies were no longer available for cargo to the mainland, it added that flights to Hong Kong would continue as scheduled.

“Lufthansa Cargo’s freighter aircraft from and to the Chinese mainland will from now on operate exclusively according to a special flight schedule (all times Coordinated Universal Time/UTC).”

However, “until further notice, live animals (AVI) will no longer be accepted for carriage on routes to and from China (mainland)”.

It added: “Further connections are under review and are expected to be published on 4 February.”

Its special timetable is below:

LH8400 / 2 February 2020 (Boeing 777F)

FRA 10:55 – PVG 23:20 (via OVB)


LH8401 / 3 February 2020 (Boeing 777F)

PVG 01:35 – FRA 14:55 (via OVB)


LH8404 / 3 February 2020 (Boeing 777F)

FRA 05:30 – PVG 17:55 (via OVB)


LH8405 / 3 February 2020 (Boeing 777F)

PVG 20:35 – FRA 09:55+1 (via OVB)


LH8404 / 5 February 2020 (Boeing 777F)

FRA 05:30 – PVG 17:55 (via OVB)


LH8405 / 5 February 2020 (Boeing 777F)

PVG 20:35 – FRA 09:55+1 (via OVB)

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