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Boeing’s pitch to sell two freighters and four passenger planes to Biman Bangladesh Airlines has now gathered dust for years. But the troubled manufacturer, no doubt needing to push for new sales, this week went to Dhaka to urge fair evaluation of its proposal.

The Boeing officials reportedly made the call after learning of a similar offer by Airbus for two A350 passenger planes, which is now being evaluated by Biman.

“We are hoping our proposal will be evaluated before a final decision is taken,” said Ryan Weir, vice president of India and south Asia commercial sales and marketing.

He said Boeing’s proposal has been on the table for years now.

The Bangladeshi national flag carrier had been trying to add new planes to its fleet for the last couple of years. It currently operates a majority Boeing fleet of six 737s, four 777s, six 787s and five DHC-8s.

Last September French president Emmanuel Macron visited Bangladesh and reportedly secured commitment from the authority to order 10 aircraft from Airbus including two freighters.

The Boeing officials told media that the US-made aircraft cost less than Airbus, and offered a more financially viable proposal which would benefit Biman.

Boeing has submitted a proposal for four 787 passenger planes, and two 777 freighters that is in line with the vision of the prime minister of Bangladesh, who is very keen on building the cargo market.

With freighters, Biman could capture part of the large export market, which has been seized by other airlines, said Boeing.

Mr Weir added that the US Export-Import Bank – sometimes known as the lender of last resort – provided loans to Biman last time it bought planes from Boeing. The bank has shown interest again in supporting Biman’s plans, he said.

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