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Do you know of any great young women in your company, or are you one?

If so, you could support their professional growth by signing them up to the Women in Aviation & Logistics (WAL) mentoring scheme.

The free-to-join scheme puts young women with a mentor, with the aim of giving them new ideas, building confidence and sharing knowledge and contacts.

Some 25 women and men have already signed-up as mentors and will provide a minimum of four hours over four months, while mentees are asked to give a short write-up at the end of the experience.

“The air cargo industry needs more female leaders and we are proud to take concrete steps to make this happen,” said Céline Hourcade, founder and MD of Change Horizon and co-founder of WAL.

“A more diverse air cargo industry will be stronger, more resilient and more sustainable.”

WAL will be matchmaking mentors and mentees in December, ready for a January start. Mentee nominations close on 10 December.

WAL mentorship is tailored to each individual’s needs, with mentors and mentees agreeing on aims and outcomes at the start of their programme.

“Being a mentor for WAL, for me, is about sharing my knowledge from my 30+ years in the industry, and that includes highs and lows,” said Ocean Wide Logistics UK’s Paula Bellamy. “Our industry is certainly challenging in these times, but it is always interesting, and to empower other people, especially women, is one of the most rewarding things we can do.”

The mentors represent airlines, airports, forwarders, tech and drone companies, associations and logistics expert. You can see the full list on womeninaviationandlogistics.org.

“Our mentors represent a fantastic cross-section of invaluable experience and expertise, and they are ready, not only to share insight and knowledge, but also to help mentees to network and gain confidence,” said Emma Murray, founder and CEO, Meantime Communications and WAL co-founder.

“These leaders have answered our call to help support and develop the next-gen of female leaders, and it is with schemes like this, which connect and strengthen our community, that we will future-proof and improve our fantastic industry.

“Now we are calling for mentees to join us and reap the benefits of decades of experience.”

The WAL movement for change has also launched an online, free-to-access database of women experts who are ready to speak at events, judge awards or put themselves forward for board membership.

To sign-up as a mentee, or to nominate a mentee, and to find out more about WAL, visit womeninaviationandlogistics.org

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