In the inaugural episode of The Loadstar Podcast, Mike King is joined by The Loadstar‘s founders Alex Lennane and Gavin van Marle to discuss the latest happenings and trends in the global freight and logistics industry including the ongoing fallout from the Suez Canal closure and just why air cargo markets are going nuts.

Mike also speaks to leading industry commentators about the over-heated Asia to US supply chain and what this means for the peak season.

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This episode’s guests:

Cathy Roberson, president, Logistics Trends & Insights

Jon Gold, VP, supply chain & customs policy, National Retail Federation

Raymon Krishnan, president, The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Dean Croke, principal analyst, DAT Solutions

Gene Seroka, executive director, Port of Los Angeles

Lars Jensen, Vespucci Maritime

John McCown, founder, Blue Alpha Capital

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