Novosensus published today a research paper headed “The human side of logistics”.

Here is a summary of the findings and recommended actions.

10 Main Findings

1) Overall, the Covid-19 disruption had positive effects on the Employee Experience. A momentum of Empathy has developed, which can be utilized as a launch pad for better organizational connection and collaboration.

2) Respondents report that the quality of Collaboration and Sense of Psychological Safety in their teams, have improved by 9% compared to before the crisis.
3) Leaders are rated higher than before the crisis, but are still at an uninspiring level that is only a notch above Mediocre.

4) Female leaders outperform their male counterparts in 4 out of 5 categories, and are rated 9.3% higher. Their teams also collaborate better.

5) 47% of respondents are worried about their job security, which is more than double the level compared to before the crisis.

6) 46% do not trust shareholders to protect them. This “Trust” gap is something that companies must address urgently, before it creates dysfunctionality in the organizations.

7) Still, employees have a surprisingy positive outlook of their company’s future.

8) Employees want fundamental changes in how they work, continuing to work 51% of the time from home. WFH supports people’s level of personal productivity and creativity, with minimal negative impact on customer relationships.

9) WFH, however, has it’s challenges. 57% report some level of Burn-out and 70% report that the boundary between work and private life has dissolved.

10 Female employees are significantly more challenged by the WFH situation than male colleagues, with female senior leaders feeling exceptionally challenged.

What should Logistics Companies Do?

1) Use the momentum of Empathy to make it safer to have good ideas, and easier to make changes.

2) Communicate the truth, tell people what the options and strategies are. And involve them!

3) Give your female managers and leaders more power. Because they are your best bet for the future.

4) Make your Leadership about Enable and Empower people. Command & Control is obsolete.

5) Take responsibility for your employees’ well-being?

6) Design your new Customer Experience. There will never be a better time!

To download the full research, please register and click here.

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